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Pamper parties, Dance parties, Festival parties, Home cinema, Hair braiding and more!

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My daughter had a fabulous birthday Thank you! Megan was fantastic definitely recommend xx

Rebecca C

8 April 2023

Meet Megan

Little Sisters & Misters Parties was founded by Megan Little in 2017. Megan worked as a professional dancer for 10 years, touring the world and dancing for music artists such as Lily Allen. She has taught children how to dance since she was a teenager and has always been great with kids.

The idea for a kid's party business began when Megan's older sisters began to have children. Megan couldn't wait to throw parties for them involving dance and much more, and so, Little Sisters & Misters parties was born! The name was inspired by Megan's surname and her sisters, the 'Little' sisters. Family is at the heart of the business and she has definitely roped in her older sisters to help out here and there! Today Megan doesn't just do dance parties, but pamper, festival, tie-dye, teepee, hair-braiding parties and much more. All inspired by what her younger nieces would want.

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